Anti-lock Braking for Improved Rider Safety!

Anti-lock Braking for Improved Rider Safety!

If you squeeze your front brake too hard while riding, chances are that your wheel will lock up and you will be sent flying over your handlebars!  Almost every bicycle rider has done this at some point and will likely do it again in panic situations like seeing a car door open suddenly.  Fortunately innovations like our exclusive SABS anti-lock brake pads prevent wheel lockup for safer braking every time!

Anti-lock braking increases control and dramatically improves safety in these ways:

  1. Prevent flipping over bike under hard braking
  2. Increase traction while braking on slippery surfaces
  3. Increase control when cornering at too high speed
  4. Brake more actively and ride with more confidence
  5. Improve stopping distance

Only Revelo has Anti-lock braking as standard equipment!

For 2019, SABS is standard on every bicycle we sell.  It's part of our commitment to make the safest and best-performing bikes available.

Revelo is focused on developing premium bicycles with the most advanced technology.  We have offered SABS for over 6 years and our customers swear by their flawless performance and it is a product we have tested thoroughly!  

How does it work?

Our SABS pads work the same way anti-lock braking works for cars.  It pulses your brakes on and off over 10 times a second to prevent the front wheel from locking completely during braking.  This improves grip, control, and prevents flipping over your bike.  The sensation is like a normal bicycle brake and the pulses are not perceptible.  

Can I add SABS to my bike?

SABS is standard on all 2019 Revelo bikes.  Older Revelo bikes can be upgraded to SABS Anti-lock braking because of the rear facing v-brake pivots on our forks.  It is possible to install SABS on forward facing v-brakes but SABS pads are thicker than normal pads and require wider (minimum 25mm) clearance between the fork legs and the bicycle rims.  This is not a problem for suspension forks with v-brake pivots but may not fit narrower hybrid or cross bike forks.  For mountain bikes, SABS greatly reduces fork dive on suspension forks during braking!



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