THINstem is solving bike storage globally

THINstem is solving bike storage globally

Don't let the size of your bike slow you down. With a simple twist of the handlebar, Revelo THINstem has been making cyclists around the world much happier by better fitting their bikes into their lifestyles and allowing them to ride more often!  THINstem is the perfect solution for fitting e-bikes at work and home, road bikes in hallways, hybrid bikes in campus dorms, and commuter bikes in garages, vans and most places in the home. Here are some examples of THINstems in the wild!

Commuter bike van living Australia with THINstem

Larry, Australia 

Haibike Urban Plus with Revelo THINstem in condo

Patrick, Montreal Canada

Specialized Allez with THINstem in Living Room

Rachel, Toronto Canada

Flatbike Century Roadbike with THINstem behind door

Bob, Seattle USA

Specialized Sirrus against wall condo hallway with Revelo THINstem

 Natasha, Toronto Canada

Cannodale Quick Hybrid Revelo THINstemMark, Waterloo Canada

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