Living with the LE-1 ebike

By Javaria Desai

I’m going to tell you the story of the first day I got the Revelo LE-1. I came home to my mother reminding me that we had a dinner party to attend that evening, and as for protocol, I had to get ready. On any normal day I would love to get my make-up done and get all dolled up, but that day was different; that day I had my new LE1 sitting downstairs and I just didn’t seem to want to do anything else but take it for a spin. I told my mom I'd be back in 15 minutes, and as I raced out the door I heard her voice a loving bye and told me to be safe. I still remember her waving and calling after me “don’t be long!”

I started my journey by riding along Coxwell Ave, enjoying every minute. I went through side streets and rode all around the area, and that’s when I spotted two gentlemen on the sidewalk were standing with their standard road bikes. One of them shouted “YOU’RE A CHEATER!” Well, with my pride and outspoken personality, I had to go speak to these men who called me out and explain to them how the LE-1 is a life changer; and so I did.

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Little did I know that I was about to meet someone who was going to teach me some incredible life lessons and tell me stories upon stories full of hilarious anecdote. This someone’s name was Dwight, and he and I stood in that spot on the corner where he caught my attention for 10-15 minutes and spoke. I gave him the whole pitch about why the LE-1 is so amazing and with every benefit I highlighted I could see Dwight begin to agree. Soon after that we started to ride. Dwight is a committed cyclist and a cycling activist, and as we rode he told me stories full of the sport’s passion, his advancements, his travels, and so forth. He taught me the rules of the road when biking and gave me multiple tips to help ride safe and stay warm.

I told my mom I'd be back in 15 minutes, and at this point over an hour and a half had passed. By now my mom would be very worried... and probably not very happy with my disappearance. However the fear of coming home to my angry mother was worth it, because on that day I came home as not just another cyclist, but as a commuter.

I had passion and excitement for my LE-1 running through my veins. A short-lived adventure is what I call my first 24 hours with my LE1, and oh how I wish I could relive them. When I brought the LE-1 around my friends, curiosity and an abundance of questions ensued. For weeks they asked me all about my new ride, and I loved it. I wanted them to learn about the LE-1 and get out of their bubble of what normal transportation is.

ebike, electric bike, revelo ebikes, downtown commuting

Not very long after seeing and riding the LE-1 my friends became hooked. A lot of them are competitive athletes and so they always enjoy challenging me to races with them riding my LE-1. Some of them would want to race one lap only, but others wanted to go around a few more times. Now remember, these guys are hard core athletes, and they all managed to beat me in the first lap; BUT, only a few could beat me in the second lap as their stamina began to run out with the constant peddling and hovering on a road bike. I had all the energy in the road with my LE-1, with its ergonomic design and fully powered lithium battery, I was definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Having the LE-1 has helped my friends and I to learn about new things and not to be so closed minded all the time. It's helped us to grow and mature, and really appreciate the importance of sustainably sourced transportation; especially in metropolitan areas. The LE-1 offers green transportation with zero emissions. It has enough power to operate at a reasonable cost making it an economical solution to shorter distance travel such as going grocery shopping, going to friend’s house, or even going to the hospital. One of my good friend's mother had an awful turn of events; one that caused her to endure a brain aneurysm. She underwent brain surgery and is being held in the hospital to this day, and The LE-1 has given me the affordable and convenient option of travelling back and forth to the hospital.  

Not only was the LE-1 an extremely accessible and cost effective method of transportation in terms of actual travel, but it also allowed me to park close to the hospital at no charge. We all know how ridiculous hospital parking rates are, so with the LE-1, I'd just lock it up and take my seat post and lights with me into the building and that was it.

It was simple, and I still had the freedom to stay or leave as I pleased because there was no hefty parking meter ticking away. The LE-1 was truly valuable in this situation as I did not have to bother my mom to drive me downtown every day and have her come pick me up.

Switching the gears to a different way in which the LE-1 has assisted in my day-to-day activities (this probably being the unhealthiest thing the LE-1 has assisted me with), but with the LIFEbike I could go and get loads and loads of junk food in no time! There are often those nights after dinner when you're just craving mint chocolate chip ice cream or potato chips or my favorite candy bars, and you just need to satisfy that craving. Well I'm too lazy to walk to a convenience store or drug mart and driving is too much of a hassle not to mention the rising cost of fuel. So instead of these options, I'd put my shoes on and grab the one and only LE-1 and get to fulfil my sugary desires in about a minutes’ time. On the healthy side, at least I got some fresh air!

One of my favourite things to do is wake up at dawn and hear the birds chirping. The sun hasn’t risen yet so the whole sky is that beautiful light blue glow, and it's the perfect refreshing temperature outside. Well, on those perfect mornings I like to go for long runs over to Pottery Road or if I’m feeling slightly less ambitious, instead I curl up with a big cup of aromatic coffee on my porch. These kinds of mornings I like to be out getting fresh air before the irritating clamour of cars start up the busy day.

You're probably wondering where in the world the LE-1 fits into the picture. Well, the LE-1 comes into play when I would go on early morning long rides down to the sandy shore of a close by beach.

Have you ever seen the sunrise on the beach? Imagine how beautiful it is; the gentle lapping of clear blue waves on the shore, the fiery light of the upcoming sun, the smell of the gritty, cool sand beneath your feet; It's breathtaking, and because of the LE-1 I got to ride to the beach and grab a cup of steaming hot coffee on my way to sit for fifteen minutes before the buzz of the city interrupts the calmness of dawn.

Drivers and fellow cyclists alike tend to make a lot of visual assumptions about how fast I would travel on my LE-1. It is great fun shocking the crowd with my unexpected speed. Another exciting feature of the LE-1 is that the electric capacity soon becomes addictive; with a quick twist of the throttle and off you go! It feels almost mystical in a daring way.

If I were to be asked if I can see the general public using the LE-1, that's a definite yes. You don't need to break a sweat going from point A to point B. The LIFEbike is much easier to maintain than a car, and is comfortable for all kind of rides. You might have an injury, or you might even have a long, hilly commute and prefer not to arrive in the office with a fresh coat of sweat on your brow; for this, the LE-1 is life changing. It is gloriously built, plus you get the added benefit of keeping sustainable, green transportation alive.

My verdict is that the LE-1 is an incredible product in many different ways; in a practical sense, the ease of the ride, the sensitive brakes, and the concept of not breaking a sweat makes day-to-day activities much easier to accomplish. It sure is a magnet for the eyes; a head-turner of beautifully modern engineering.

My experience with the LE1 has been a very successful and effective in improving my daily commute. Everywhere I rode I was approached by curious individuals wanting to know more about the new and improved method of cyclist transportation.

The LE-1 gave me an opportunity to meet new people and learn new things. I made memories that I'll hopefully be able to tell my grandkids one day, and that type of value is something that you cannot put a price on.


Aida Ulloa
Aida Ulloa