Be a star on Halloween

Be a star on Halloween with Revelo FLEX

Halloween is almost here… trick or treating and parties leave us all with a large check-list of things to do: buy candy, decorate the house, get a new costume and much more.

It’s also the pre-curser to shorter days and longer nights as daylight savings time ends shortly thereafter. So, during the hustle and bustle of last minute preparations this Halloween, let’s not forget the importance of nighttime visibility while riding our electric stallions.

Night Riding Safety breaks down into two key parts:

1.  Being seen by others
2.  Seeing the road clearly yourself


How to be seen by others

At the very minimum, you should have basic reflective disks (usually plastic), on the front and rear spokes. For additional safety, you could have them on the front and rear of your frame. Check for and immediately replace any broken or missing parts.

For added visibility, consider flashing lights. When attached to the frame, white light in the front and red light in the rear are the standard colours. This will inform cars, pedestrians, and cyclists around you which direction you're headed. Flashing lights on your helmet and/or body is another great way to be visible!

Reflective tape and gear is an additonal option. I own a reflective strap vest myself and because it's a strap I can easily fit it in my bag without it being bulky or too much of a burden. If you don't have the resources to buy new gear, reflective tape is an affordable solution that practically goes on anywhere you choose.


How you see the road ahead

Night riding can be tricky and a real treat if YOU can't see the path ahead yourself. This includes those pesky potholes, speed bumps, parked vehicles or even pedestrians!

The same flashing lights on your frame and helmet would help here, the general rule is 200 lumen lights for the city. If you are riding in areas with less street lighting, then you should consider more powerful lights.

So, while we’re enchanted by the ghosts and ghouls of old Hallow's eve, don't forget to ask the question of true fright... “will you be seen on Halloween?"

Remember, play it safe, shine brightly and be a star as you go gently into that good night. 🎃

Revelo FLEX Halloween Costume

Karina Babeiko
Karina Babeiko