Beautiful Mornings

On the way to Etobicoke by FLEX

By Steven T., Revelor:

I recently moved to Toronto from the UK. I commute daily from Downtown West Toronto (College and Shaw) to Etobicoke. For the last few months I have been using the TTC (public transit) bus and metro system as I have always used this type of commuting transport before in London (UK) and I thought that it would be an easy transition. However, the TTC is no London underground and I found myself having to take 2 buses and a metro ride that took nearly an hour to get to work every day until...

I got my new FLEX E-bike. Now I zip down the Lakeshore bike trail at a steady 28-30 kms/hr and I am at work quickly and easily every morning in just over 30 minutes for the 13 kilometre journey.

Morning Commute by FLEX

I have the FLEX Tech Edition bike in Victory Red and it has a few nifty add ons that make my commute a little easier. First, the SABS (Safe Antilocking Brake System) are a dream! They make braking nice and smooth and are a major safety feature. Once, a driver eager to merge into my lane forced me to quickly apply the brakes and thankfully the SABS did their job and I stopped efficiently and safely.

Another great feature of the TECH Edition and one that I probably couldn’t do without is the USB phone charger and phone mount. I have not lived in Toronto for long, which means that I am always checking maps or using GPS on my phone to map my route. The extra battery power stored in the handlebar shaft is a true godsend when you’re out and about using high powered apps.

The bike also boasts a 30 kilometre range and as such I can go to and from work AND also pop out for coffee during the day without fear of not having enough juice to get me home again. 

Beautiful view captured by Revelor

When I leave for work at 7:30 am the views over Lake Ontario are stunning and the bike trail around the lake is a nice even surface on which to ride. To be honest I don’t miss sitting on a bus anymore with no air conditioning. Nothing beats my ride to work now. The lookout across the lake early in the morning is a thing of beauty.

- Steven T.

Beautiful view captured by Revelor


Karina Babeiko
Karina Babeiko