How much is your convenience worth?

Smooth and Convenient Ride

The current cost of a FLEX averages around $1798 which is really affordable when you consider what else cost $1798. Let's compare:


You could ride the public transportation system in Toronto only 553 times.

Streetcar at Union Station

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That’s just a year’s worth of commuting to and from work. Stress and congestion are extra and don’t forget your flu shot!


You could buy 423 tall pumpkin spiced lattes…

pumpkin spiced latte at starbucks versus revelo FLEX electric vehicle

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This is the same as buying 1 latte every day for about a year and a half. How much is your caffeine rush worth?   


Watch 133 Hollywood movies at your local theatre.

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn and Revelo PET

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Add the popcorn, add the butter, add the drink and now your available blockbuster premieres drop by half to only 65 movies!


Park downtown 63 times

Parking Lot and FLEX

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That’s just 2 months of parking assuming you don’t spend the entire time parked in traffic.


You get about 29 months of cell phone use.

Brunette female on her phone, dreaming about a flex

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That’s just over 2 years, so before you know it it’s time to renew your contract and pay the piper again!!


You get only 13 months of fuel.

green gas pump and FLEX Revelo

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That’s about one year! Of course, don’t forget your insurance, repairs and snacks for the road!


You get 9 pairs of Classic Sheepskin UGGs

Uggs and stylish bag are more expensive than FLEX

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Just remember to never wear them, touch them or breathe on them!


You get 1/4 of a 10-day trip to Australia over Christmas.

Shark problem in Australia,  FLEX by Revelo

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Unfortunately, you would have to cancel since $1798 doesn’t even get you half way there. At least there are no sharks or lost luggage to worry about.

Karina Babeiko
Karina Babeiko