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Scarborough Bluffs and Flex Explore

We've gotten really lucky this year with weather, thanks to El Niño and above average autumn temperatures. So what better way to enjoy our current warm weather streak than by spending them surrounded by nature? 

Here are 4 beautiful nature spots reachable by FLEX from Downtown Toronto:


1. Scarborough Bluffs Park

Scarborough Bluffs View, accessible by FLEX

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The "bluffs" along Lake Ontario are a beautiful geological feature in Scarborough. They resulted from the accumulation of sedimentary deposits over thousands of years. The park is open year round and offers trails through flowering meadows and along the bluffs, with gorgeous views onto Lake Ontario.

Map to Scarborough Bluffs Park


2. The Cottonwood Flats

 Cottonwood Flats view enjoyed well with FLEX

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The tricky thing about the Cottonwood Flats is that you can't find them on google, but "Beechwood Drive" or "Lower Don Parklands" is how you find it on your GPS. The park itself is essentially a large meadow populated with birds, where pleasant afternoon strolls and romance novels can be enjoyed.

Downtown Toronto to Cottonwood Flats map


3. Merrill Bridge Road Park

Merrill Bridge Road Park Image

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This park is perfect for those who love their pooches and love to take them outside, as it features a very large off-leash dog area and nice forested ravine path. 

Map to Merrill Bridge Road Park from Downtown Toronto 


4. Centennial Park

 Beautiful Centennial Park by FLEX by Revelo

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This is one of the largest parks in the Greater Toronto Area and it caters to all needs, with baseball diamonds, playgrounds, soccer fields, a go-cart track, a man-made pond, an athletic center, a ski and snowboard center and so much more. Centennial Park has something to be enjoyed year-round, but the trails really are the main attraction!

 Beautiful park and FLEX makes a beautiful day

Keep in mind that a fully charged battery will take you 30km, so for a more long-range outing, consider bringing a spare battery.

Remember to take advantage of this fortunate weather, as snow and frost will be knocking on our doors shortly!


All maps courtesy of Google.

Karina Babeiko
Karina Babeiko