Nice To Meet You

You may have read a few blog posts of mine, but now it's time for us to officially meet. Hi, I’m Karina and I'm a marketing intern for Revelo.

Intern and FLEX

I study at the University of Toronto and was excited about becoming an intern to help promote the FLEX. I got to take one home and use it in my daily life to get a feel for it and, I have to say, I've really fallen in love with it because it fits my lifestyle perfectly!

I live in a studio apartment downtown where space is tight and very precious, so the fold and compact format of the FLEX is absolutely awesome! It allows me to store this precious little companion inside my unit, which is great. It stays safe and protected from the elements. I have friends who store their big beasts either on a balcony or in a cage located somewhere in a dusty underground parking garage.

I love to walk places but unfortunately most things downtown are just outside my walking range. Cycling leaves me sweaty and public transit is a complete nightmare during rush hour. So, the FLEX is my main means of transportation. It comes with a premium lithium battery which will take me 32 kms (or 20 miles) on a single charge. That's more than sufficient for my daily downtown commute.

I also use the custom designed Revelo side rack which is great for attaching a pannier to hold my laptop and books. When I need to shop for groceries, I attach this cute little basket of mine.

Shopping made simple, with the FLEX and basket

Now I can take whatever I want with me without a heavy backpack. My FLEX helps get my groceries home without breaking my back climbing streetcar stairs or breaking my budget on a taxi!

Revelo FLEX takes up less space than a rabbit

I really adore my FLEX but my "other roommate" is also fun and cuddly too. She doesn’t make a lot of noise but she takes up all the space and occasionally leaves behind a few surprises. 😀

Now that you've gotten to know me, I'd love to get to know you as well. Please share your Revelo stories with me by sending them to

Karina Babeiko
Karina Babeiko