Oh no... Where Did My Bike Go?

November 03, 2016

Oh no... Where Did My Bike Go?

Bike theft prevention

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Buying a transportation vehicle is always an investment. It takes time to find the perfect one and then you fall in love with it. Then, how heartbreaking is it when your prized possession gets stolen?

McGill University has conducted a study and they found that about half of all cyclists have had their bikes stolen! They also found that only 2.4% of stolen bicycles were recovered.

So, is this just a case of people forgetting to lock up because they were in a rush one morning? Not always. Locks help, but are no guarantee against a determined thief. Many can easily be cut. A good quality U-lock is probably the best lock there is and will provide some peace of mind. However, no lock protects your valuables and accessories like bells, phone holders, lights, bags, seats, tires and other bike components. How often have you walked by a post with just a chain and a wheel or frame left behind?

While tracking devices offer a modern age solution, they too have deficiencies. These are electronic GPS gadgets that are attached to the vehicle, usually in inconspicuous places like inside the handlebar or the frame itself.

Tracking may require a dedicated SIM card and data plan to broadcast to a smartphone app. A costly solution compared to the traditional lock. Also, these devices may require active charging. Once the battery goes, so does your chance of finding your bike.

Bluetooth solutions have longer lasting batteries and are cheaper but suffer from a lack of network access. Without a network to transmit a location signal, once again your bike is basically lost.

So, how do we overcome these obstacles and outsmart the bike thief? It seems the best way to prevent theft is to bring your metal beast with you.

The Portable Office: Folded White Revelo FLEX beside chair

Of course the concern that arises is that of comfort, size and weight. You wouldn’t want to be that person on the bus or train that has a large heavy object with them who awkwardly bumps into people and gets into everyone’s way, would you? Or, how about trying to navigate a confined elevator with dirty wheels? Not a pleasant experience for anyone!

Enter Revelo FLEX. Designed in Toronto by Revelo CEO Henry Chong, an avid cyclist and commuter of over 40 years, the FLEX is built for practical portability. No need to buy expensive locks or tracking devices because the FLEX goes everywhere you go! Take it on the train, the bus, to the office, on your boat or in your car. No need for extra expensive racks too!

 The FLEX fits into a suitcase

Weighing in at about 15 kilos (33 lbs), the FLEX facilitates even long distance multimodal travel where space can be extremely tight. When needed FLEX even fits neatly into a standard piece of luggage!

At last, say goodbye to that empty handed bandit. We can’t put a price on peace of mind, so take your FLEX wherever you go!

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