SABS Anti-Lock Brake Pads for Bikes and eBikes

SABS Anti-lock braking technology is the best safety upgrade to your bike! 

All prices in Canadian dollars.

They act just like the ABS in your car and prevent the front wheel from locking up during stops. This means increased traction with smoother and shorter stopping distances and control to prevent collisions.  Flipping over your bike is virtually impossible in panic stops. The ABS action is smooth and imperceptible at the brake lever and the stopping action is stunning!  SABS works by sensing rim speed and pulsing pads over 10 times per second!   

V-brake versions are compatible with all Revelo bikes.  You can upgrade your hybrid or mountain bike provided there is at least 25mm distance between the rim and the inside surface of the fork.  They are perfect for suspension forks and greatly reduce  "fork dive" when braking. 

Upgrade your ebike, road bike, triathlon bike, or city commuter. Road caliper version is compatible with virtually all standard front road calipers.  Experience greater safety in turns and riding in groups!  

 Installation is simple and takes 5-10 minutes.  Just swap brake pads as usual!



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