LIFT: The World's Fastest Folding Bike


Premium Performance and Brilliant Design

Sport, Pro and Premium models. 16" and 20" wheels. Anti-Lock Brakes. Patented Z-Fold!

Revelo LIFT Folding Bike 16in16" LIFT
Ultimate Lightweight Portability

Revelo LIFT Folding Bike colorsIdeal for multi-modal commuting, travel
Ultra-compact fold (57x31x78cm)
Ultra-lightweight from 9.9kgs (21.9 lbs)
5 second Z-fold
THINstem technology
Anti-lock brakes
Fits riders 142-181cm (4'-7" to 6')
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from $969 CAD

Revelo LIFT Folding Bike 20in20" LIFT
Full Size Ride

Revelo LIFT Folding Bike colorsGreat for end to end commuting, fitness
Compact fold (65x31x81cm)
Lightweight from 10.4kgs (22.9 lbs)
5 second Z-fold
THINstem technology
Anti-lock brakes
Fits riders 142-190cm (4'-7" to 6'-3")
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from $1089 CAD


Why is LIFT the most innovative folding bike?

Revelo LIFT 5 second fold

5-Second Fold

Revelo LIFT 9.6 kg Lightweight


Revelo LIFT THINstem Techology

THINstem Tech

SABS Anti-Lock Brakes

Anti-Lock Brakes

Revelo LIFT Adjustable Rider Fit

Full-size Fit

Revelo LIFT Narrow Fold

Narrow Fold

Revelo LIFT Easy Rolling

Roll Folded

Revelo LIFT Carry Handle

Carry Handle



2 Sizes. 3 Models

16" and 20" LIFT: Full comparison here > SPORT PRO PREMIUM
Speeds 7 8 8
Ergo grips with bar ends optional optional standard
Crankset alloy/steel alloy alloy coloured CNC ring
Shifter twist trigger trigger
Seat comfort performance performance
Pedals folding composite folding alloy detachable alloy
Tires 1.5" high pressure 1.35" lightweight 1.35" lightweight
Weight* 16" / 20" 10.3kg / 10.7kg 9.9kg / 10.3kg 9.9kg / 10.3kg

Ride. Fold. Roll. Carry. Easy!

LIFT is the most innovative folding bike in over 40 years that will delight the modern rider.

LIFT folds in a swift 5 seconds making it the fastest folding, easiest rolling and most portable folding bike ever! The patented Z-fold requires no awkward bending and the built-in THINstem technology results in the narrowest width in its class.

Complementing our popular 16” design and new for 2020 is our incredibly smooth riding 20” wheel version. Great for end-to-end commuting or fitness, yet still remarkably compact and lightweight for the ultimate in portability and performance.

Revelo LIFT orange folding bike


SABS anti-lock brake pads

Stop. Safe. Everytime!

An industry first! Revelo is the ONLY bike-line in the world to feature SABS anti-lock brake pads as standard equipment on all models for flawless, safe stopping everytime!

Like the ABS in a car these brake pads prevent the front wheel from locking up during stops. The ABS action is smooth and imperceptible at the brake lever. The stopping action is so stunning you'll never want to ride again without them.


Why LIFT Rises Above the Rest

Revelo LIFT 16" Brompton M3L Strida EVO Dahon eezz d3
Price from $969 CAD $2379 CAD $1350 CAD $1499 CAD
Weight from 9.9 kg 11.5 kg 13 kg 9.7 kg
Fold Time 5 seconds 20 secs 10 secs 20 secs
Folded Width 57 cm 57 cm 51 cm 62 cm
Speeds 7 - 8 3 3 3
THINstem Technology Yes No No No
Anti-Lock Brakes Yes No No No
Fully Adjustable + Regular Bike Fit Yes No No No
Fast Roll + THIN Walking Yes No No No
Frame Carry Handle Yes No No No

Whether you are a commuter, an enthusiast or performance rider who demands the best in technology and design...
there's a LIFT for you!

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Sport, Pro and Premium from $969