Fold your non-folding bike!


Save Space. Go Anywhere.

Bike storage and walking with your bike is awkward. With the patented folding THINstem (Turn Handlebar Instantly Narrow stem), simply rotate your handlebar 90 degrees instantly to save space, store anywhere, and prevent theft!THINstem folding stem and folding pedals

Make your bike over 60% thinner and save loads of space! Perfect for condos, garages, hallways, car racks and more!

THINstem folding stem

Walk freely through crowds. Easily get in and out of places. Prevent theft and store your bike neatly indoors! For the ultimate in portability combine THINstem with folding or detachable pedals!


Choose Your THINstem Solution

THINstem folding stem portable solution

from $69 CAD

THINstem quick release stem and alloy folding pedals for ultimate thin portability

THINstem + Folding Pedals
from $99 CAD

To install THINstem on bikes with older threaded forks and headset add a Quill Stem Adaptor to your order.
Scroll down to learn more if your bike requires this adapter.

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  • THINstem rotating stem


Safe. Solid. Secure.

THINstem has been used on Revelo products for over 5 years and is a proven Canadian design with 3-points of safety.

(1) an innovative centering notch limits twisting. (2) a bottom stop cap limits vertical movement and (3) a dual clamp lever solidly fixes your bar for a secure ride feel.

THINstem folding stem 3 points of safety

Revelo THINstem turns your bulky wide bike into a portable THIN bike

Simple. Affordable.

THINstem is an affordable folding stem replacement. It's easy to install and requires no special tools. Go from full size riding mode to portable THIN bike walking or storage mode instantly!

Click here to see the install video.

THINstem instantly turns your wide bike into a portable thin bike

THINstem Specs

Patent-pending THINstem is crafted from strong, lightweight heat-treated aluminum and fits most commuter bikes with external bolt "threadless" stems. Available in two handlebar sizes in various lengths with a 0 degree rise. Unlimited 1yr warranty.

THINstem folding stem fits 1" handlebars

For 1" (25.4mm) diameter handlebars, THINstem is available in a 90mm (3.5") length. Weight is only 315 grams.

THINstem folding stem fits 1.25" handlebars

For 1-1/4" (31.8mm) oversize handlebars, THINstem lengths are 70mm (2.75"), 90mm (3.5"), 100mm (4"). Weight 330 grams.


THINstem replaces threadless stems that clamp around the outside of the top of the fork steerer tube which protrudes above the headset. For older bikes with quill stems, add a quill stem adaptor.