Lithium Battery

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An extra battery is great to have for those long journeys. Conveniently stows away in a pannier on the Revelo Side Rack. This premium 10.4 ah x 36V lithium battery is constructed of the latest Samsung Lithium-ion technology and works together with your existing charger which plugs into any 110/240V outlet. Exterior durable shell comes with carry handle and battery remaining indicator. 

This lithium battery provides the FLEX with a 32 km (20 mi) range. When depleted, a full charge takes 3-5 hours. Recharge time is incremental ie. one hour of charging will last approx 10 kms. Lifetime is rated at over 1,000 full recharge cycles or the equivalent of approx. 4 to 5 years of average use.*

*Usage based on 3-5 full recharge cycles per week.