January 14, 2017

Winter Safety

The FLEX won't be beat

Happy new year from Revelo! Our team would like to wish you a joyous year filled with success and adventure, because all of our success is due to your support.

2016 was a milestone year as we began shipping FLEX. Our Revelo team continues to grow with new staff and interns. And 2017 promises to be even more exciting as we’ve been busy preparing a few exciting surprises. Stay tuned!

But first, now that winter is here to many of us in the north half of the world, we'd like to share some tips to help you get the best riding experience during these colder times, because we know you love your FLEX and probably want to ride it as much as you can. 

Charge Your Battery at Room Temperature
It's very tempting to charge your battery right after use, as you could forget later. It makes sense but charging your battery while it is still cold could result in damage. After being out in the cold, it is best to bring your battery indoors and allow it to warm up to room temperature before re-charging.

Pay Closer Attention to Your Surroundings
During the winter many pedestrians take attention away from where they are going, and pay it to where they are stepping, to avoid snow piles and slush puddles. This also distracts drivers as they must be more cautious of jaywalkers, accidental or not, which leaves less attention for you!

Draw Even More Attention to Yourself
As drivers and pedestrians pay more attention elsewhere, make yourself even more noticeable, especially since daylight hours are fewer and fade quicker! Add extra LED lights, use your horn/bell at every chance and incorporate more reflective clothing into your wardrobe.

Watch Your Wardrobe
Speaking of wardrobe, we probably don't have to tell you to wear warm clothing, but we can pass along some personal tips and tricks. The key areas you loose warmth from are your head, hands and feet, so opt for lobster-style mittens, as they are more efficient at keeping the warmth in, than gloves. Also, dress slightly warmer than the weather outside, as riding increases the wind speed with which you get hit, making it feel colder.

Transit is Your Friend
Take public transit if you ever feel cold, uncomfortable or unsafe while riding. Remember that your FLEX is an easy to fold, compact ebike making it convenient to take onto buses, streetcars and trains. Feeling safe and comfortable is important while riding and there's no need for the extra stress!

Take safety into your own hands as no one but yourself and the Revelo team care for it more. Happy riding :)

December 05, 2016

Nice To Meet You

You may have read a few blog posts of mine, but now it's time for us to officially meet. Hi, I’m Karina and I'm a marketing intern for Revelo.

Intern and FLEX

I study at the University of Toronto and was excited about becoming an intern to help promote the FLEX. I got to take one home and use it in my daily life to get a feel for it and, I have to say, I've really fallen in love with it because it fits my lifestyle perfectly!

I live in a studio apartment downtown where space is tight and very precious, so the fold and compact format of the FLEX is absolutely awesome! It allows me to store this precious little companion inside my unit, which is great. It stays safe and protected from the elements. I have friends who store their big beasts either on a balcony or in a cage located somewhere in a dusty underground parking garage.

I love to walk places but unfortunately most things downtown are just outside my walking range. Cycling leaves me sweaty and public transit is a complete nightmare during rush hour. So, the FLEX is my main means of transportation. It comes with a premium lithium battery which will take me 32 kms (or 20 miles) on a single charge. That's more than sufficient for my daily downtown commute.

I also use the custom designed Revelo side rack which is great for attaching a pannier to hold my laptop and books. When I need to shop for groceries, I attach this cute little basket of mine.

Shopping made simple, with the FLEX and basket

Now I can take whatever I want with me without a heavy backpack. My FLEX helps get my groceries home without breaking my back climbing streetcar stairs or breaking my budget on a taxi!

Revelo FLEX takes up less space than a rabbit

I really adore my FLEX but my "other roommate" is also fun and cuddly too. She doesn’t make a lot of noise but she takes up all the space and occasionally leaves behind a few surprises. 😀

Now that you've gotten to know me, I'd love to get to know you as well. Please share your Revelo stories with me by sending them to info@revelo.ca.

November 25, 2016

Beautiful Mornings

On the way to Etobicoke by FLEX

By Steven T., Revelor:

I recently moved to Toronto from the UK. I commute daily from Downtown West Toronto (College and Shaw) to Etobicoke. For the last few months I have been using the TTC (public transit) bus and metro system as I have always used this type of commuting transport before in London (UK) and I thought that it would be an easy transition. However, the TTC is no London underground and I found myself having to take 2 buses and a metro ride that took nearly an hour to get to work every day until...

I got my new FLEX E-bike. Now I zip down the Lakeshore bike trail at a steady 28-30 kms/hr and I am at work quickly and easily every morning in just over 30 minutes for the 13 kilometre journey.

Morning Commute by FLEX

I have the FLEX Tech Edition bike in Victory Red and it has a few nifty add ons that make my commute a little easier. First, the SABS (Safe Antilocking Brake System) are a dream! They make braking nice and smooth and are a major safety feature. Once, a driver eager to merge into my lane forced me to quickly apply the brakes and thankfully the SABS did their job and I stopped efficiently and safely.

Another great feature of the TECH Edition and one that I probably couldn’t do without is the USB phone charger and phone mount. I have not lived in Toronto for long, which means that I am always checking maps or using GPS on my phone to map my route. The extra battery power stored in the handlebar shaft is a true godsend when you’re out and about using high powered apps.

The bike also boasts a 30 kilometre range and as such I can go to and from work AND also pop out for coffee during the day without fear of not having enough juice to get me home again. 

Beautiful view captured by Revelor

When I leave for work at 7:30 am the views over Lake Ontario are stunning and the bike trail around the lake is a nice even surface on which to ride. To be honest I don’t miss sitting on a bus anymore with no air conditioning. Nothing beats my ride to work now. The lookout across the lake early in the morning is a thing of beauty.

- Steven T.

Beautiful view captured by Revelor


November 15, 2016

Local Nature Getaways

Scarborough Bluffs and Flex Explore

We've gotten really lucky this year with weather, thanks to El Niño and above average autumn temperatures. So what better way to enjoy our current warm weather streak than by spending them surrounded by nature? 

Here are 4 beautiful nature spots reachable by FLEX from Downtown Toronto:


1. Scarborough Bluffs Park

Scarborough Bluffs View, accessible by FLEX

Image Source

The "bluffs" along Lake Ontario are a beautiful geological feature in Scarborough. They resulted from the accumulation of sedimentary deposits over thousands of years. The park is open year round and offers trails through flowering meadows and along the bluffs, with gorgeous views onto Lake Ontario.

Map to Scarborough Bluffs Park


2. The Cottonwood Flats

 Cottonwood Flats view enjoyed well with FLEX

Image Source

The tricky thing about the Cottonwood Flats is that you can't find them on google, but "Beechwood Drive" or "Lower Don Parklands" is how you find it on your GPS. The park itself is essentially a large meadow populated with birds, where pleasant afternoon strolls and romance novels can be enjoyed.

Downtown Toronto to Cottonwood Flats map


3. Merrill Bridge Road Park

Merrill Bridge Road Park Image

Image Source
This park is perfect for those who love their pooches and love to take them outside, as it features a very large off-leash dog area and nice forested ravine path. 

Map to Merrill Bridge Road Park from Downtown Toronto 


4. Centennial Park

 Beautiful Centennial Park by FLEX by Revelo

Image Source

This is one of the largest parks in the Greater Toronto Area and it caters to all needs, with baseball diamonds, playgrounds, soccer fields, a go-cart track, a man-made pond, an athletic center, a ski and snowboard center and so much more. Centennial Park has something to be enjoyed year-round, but the trails really are the main attraction!

 Beautiful park and FLEX makes a beautiful day

Keep in mind that a fully charged battery will take you 30km, so for a more long-range outing, consider bringing a spare battery.

Remember to take advantage of this fortunate weather, as snow and frost will be knocking on our doors shortly!


All maps courtesy of Google.

November 03, 2016

Oh no... Where Did My Bike Go?

Bike theft prevention

Image Source

Buying a transportation vehicle is always an investment. It takes time to find the perfect one and then you fall in love with it. Then, how heartbreaking is it when your prized possession gets stolen?

McGill University has conducted a study and they found that about half of all cyclists have had their bikes stolen! They also found that only 2.4% of stolen bicycles were recovered.

So, is this just a case of people forgetting to lock up because they were in a rush one morning? Not always. Locks help, but are no guarantee against a determined thief. Many can easily be cut. A good quality U-lock is probably the best lock there is and will provide some peace of mind. However, no lock protects your valuables and accessories like bells, phone holders, lights, bags, seats, tires and other bike components. How often have you walked by a post with just a chain and a wheel or frame left behind?

While tracking devices offer a modern age solution, they too have deficiencies. These are electronic GPS gadgets that are attached to the vehicle, usually in inconspicuous places like inside the handlebar or the frame itself.

Tracking may require a dedicated SIM card and data plan to broadcast to a smartphone app. A costly solution compared to the traditional lock. Also, these devices may require active charging. Once the battery goes, so does your chance of finding your bike.

Bluetooth solutions have longer lasting batteries and are cheaper but suffer from a lack of network access. Without a network to transmit a location signal, once again your bike is basically lost.

So, how do we overcome these obstacles and outsmart the bike thief? It seems the best way to prevent theft is to bring your metal beast with you.

The Portable Office: Folded White Revelo FLEX beside chair

Of course the concern that arises is that of comfort, size and weight. You wouldn’t want to be that person on the bus or train that has a large heavy object with them who awkwardly bumps into people and gets into everyone’s way, would you? Or, how about trying to navigate a confined elevator with dirty wheels? Not a pleasant experience for anyone!

Enter Revelo FLEX. Designed in Toronto by Revelo CEO Henry Chong, an avid cyclist and commuter of over 40 years, the FLEX is built for practical portability. No need to buy expensive locks or tracking devices because the FLEX goes everywhere you go! Take it on the train, the bus, to the office, on your boat or in your car. No need for extra expensive racks too!

 The FLEX fits into a suitcase

Weighing in at about 15 kilos (33 lbs), the FLEX facilitates even long distance multimodal travel where space can be extremely tight. When needed FLEX even fits neatly into a standard piece of luggage!

At last, say goodbye to that empty handed bandit. We can’t put a price on peace of mind, so take your FLEX wherever you go!

October 28, 2016

Be a star on Halloween

Be a star on Halloween with Revelo FLEX

Halloween is almost here… trick or treating and parties leave us all with a large check-list of things to do: buy candy, decorate the house, get a new costume and much more.

It’s also the pre-curser to shorter days and longer nights as daylight savings time ends shortly thereafter. So, during the hustle and bustle of last minute preparations this Halloween, let’s not forget the importance of nighttime visibility while riding our electric stallions.

Night Riding Safety breaks down into two key parts:

1.  Being seen by others
2.  Seeing the road clearly yourself


How to be seen by others

At the very minimum, you should have basic reflective disks (usually plastic), on the front and rear spokes. For additional safety, you could have them on the front and rear of your frame. Check for and immediately replace any broken or missing parts.

For added visibility, consider flashing lights. When attached to the frame, white light in the front and red light in the rear are the standard colours. This will inform cars, pedestrians, and cyclists around you which direction you're headed. Flashing lights on your helmet and/or body is another great way to be visible!

Reflective tape and gear is an additonal option. I own a reflective strap vest myself and because it's a strap I can easily fit it in my bag without it being bulky or too much of a burden. If you don't have the resources to buy new gear, reflective tape is an affordable solution that practically goes on anywhere you choose.


How you see the road ahead

Night riding can be tricky and a real treat if YOU can't see the path ahead yourself. This includes those pesky potholes, speed bumps, parked vehicles or even pedestrians!

The same flashing lights on your frame and helmet would help here, the general rule is 200 lumen lights for the city. If you are riding in areas with less street lighting, then you should consider more powerful lights.

So, while we’re enchanted by the ghosts and ghouls of old Hallow's eve, don't forget to ask the question of true fright... “will you be seen on Halloween?"

Remember, play it safe, shine brightly and be a star as you go gently into that good night. 🎃

Revelo FLEX Halloween Costume

October 25, 2016

How much is your convenience worth?

Smooth and Convenient Ride

The current cost of a FLEX averages around $1798 which is really affordable when you consider what else cost $1798. Let's compare:


You could ride the public transportation system in Toronto only 553 times.

Streetcar at Union Station

Source   Image Source

That’s just a year’s worth of commuting to and from work. Stress and congestion are extra and don’t forget your flu shot!


You could buy 423 tall pumpkin spiced lattes…

pumpkin spiced latte at starbucks versus revelo FLEX electric vehicle

Source    Image Source

This is the same as buying 1 latte every day for about a year and a half. How much is your caffeine rush worth?   


Watch 133 Hollywood movies at your local theatre.

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn and Revelo PET

Source   Image Source

Add the popcorn, add the butter, add the drink and now your available blockbuster premieres drop by half to only 65 movies!


Park downtown 63 times

Parking Lot and FLEX

Source    Image Source

That’s just 2 months of parking assuming you don’t spend the entire time parked in traffic.


You get about 29 months of cell phone use.

Brunette female on her phone, dreaming about a flex

Source    Image Source

That’s just over 2 years, so before you know it it’s time to renew your contract and pay the piper again!!


You get only 13 months of fuel.

green gas pump and FLEX Revelo

Source    Source    Image Source

That’s about one year! Of course, don’t forget your insurance, repairs and snacks for the road!


You get 9 pairs of Classic Sheepskin UGGs

Uggs and stylish bag are more expensive than FLEX

Source   Image Source

Just remember to never wear them, touch them or breathe on them!


You get 1/4 of a 10-day trip to Australia over Christmas.

Shark problem in Australia,  FLEX by Revelo

Source   Image Source

Unfortunately, you would have to cancel since $1798 doesn’t even get you half way there. At least there are no sharks or lost luggage to worry about.

June 20, 2015

Reveling In The City

Last night Karen Maraj and Rylee Rizzolo of Poesis Media set off after work from their office in downtown Toronto on their Revelo Electric bikes to take in some of the free festivals in the city. In about two hours they covered the whole downtown core, had dinner by the lake, bumped into friends and got lots of big smiles as they zipped by.

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June 01, 2015

5 Easy ways to go green

By Michael Glen
Marketing Intern at Revelo Electric
1. Go paperless!
 2. Use Low Energy Light Bulbs
3. Reduce driving (Carbon Emissions)
4. Insulate your home
5. Recycle
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May 25, 2015