Anti-lock Braking for Ultimate Safety and control

  • THINstem folding stem make your Haibike ebike thin
  • THINstem folding stem to store your bike anywhere
  • THINstem folding stem makes your bike thin
  • THINstem folding stem makes Stromer bike thin
  • THINstem quick release folding stem


SABS Fits Road and V-brakes!

Road Caliper

THINstem quick release stem and alloy folding pedals for ultimate thin portability




Stop safely without flipping

Improper braking causes the majority of bicycle injuries.  Smoothly controlled braking is essential for safe stopping and cornering when riding. 

Add SABS Anti-Lock brake pads advanced braking technology to your bike so you will not lock your front wheel during hard braking.  Experience the dramatic increase of control and avoid going over the handlebars!

THINstem folding stem

Anti-Lock Braking in Action