Anti-Lock Braking For Bikes?! It's a thing!

Anti-Lock Braking For Bikes?! It's a thing!

"The dashcam footage initially shows two PCSOs on bikes in pursuit of a cyclist who pedals across a busy road, crossing oncoming traffic....However, the officer appears to pull hard on the front brake, causing him to flip head-first over the handlebars in the unfortunate accident." (The Sun)

Anti-lock Brake Systems (ABS) are an amazing thing that not enough people talk about! Normally used in cars and motorcycles it prevents wheels from locking up during hard braking. Now that technology is making its way into the bike world. It prevents you from flipping over your handlebars and gives you increased control in emergency stopping situations. Wheel locking is all too well known amongst cyclists as the leading cause for bike accidents. In fact, nearly 58% of all e-bike accidents happen during braking. (Blubrake) So one of the best ways to ensure your bike safety is by installing anti-lock brakes.

Revelo is the only bike brand to make ABS standard across its entire bike line because we believe rider safety is paramount. We've been offering ABS since 2013. Our SABS pads are the simplest and most efficient anti-lock braking system available.

It is an exciting time for cyclists. This year the bike industry has started to focus more on ABS. Companies including Blubrake, Shimano, and Bosch have all started investing in ABS systems. Here is a brief summary of each system. 



  • The industry leader in e-bike technology
  • Available in Europe
  • Introduced in 2017
  • Only for disc brakes
  • Requires electric controls and several components
  • Adds about 800 grams (2lbs) to your bike
  • Cost is approximately 1000 USD extra
  • Not available in North America
  • Not available directly for consumer retrofit



    • Won the Eurobike 2019 Gold Award 
    • Brake control system embedded in the bike frame 


    • Only for disc brakes
    • Not commercially available yet

      Learn more at



      • The largest producer of bike components in the world
      • Patents are in progress


      • Only for disc brakes
      • No available products yet  
      "While we can see the primary application of Shimano's system being pedelec bicycles, their patent doesn't limit it to that."



        • Can be used for both e-bikes and standard pedaling bikes
        • Lightweight 
        • Inexpensive
        • Fulltime active ABS
        • Silent
        • Nonelectric
        • Available in v-brake and road caliper versions
        • Available standard on Revelo bicycles and can be purchased for consumer retrofit on existing bikes


        • Only for rim brakes
        "In short, they’re amazing.

        I sprinted up to a good speed and grabbed a handful of the front brake. Normally, this would result in broken teeth, collarbone or worse. With these things, it was a smooth, perfectly controlled stop." - BikeRumor

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