Is Revelo leading a folding bike revolution?

Is Revelo leading a folding bike revolution?

"COVID-19 is changing how we work and live, arguably more than any crisis since the last world war. Communities are clamouring to create ‘quiet streets’: shutting selected roads down to vehicular traffic to better promote active transport and safe distancing." - Mark Wessel, Ottawa Citizen (07/18/2020)

These are the words of sustainability advocate Mark Wessel in his article for the Ottawa Citizen newspaper. Mark reached out to Revelo for a LIFT 20" Pro bike to test as part of his research into the viability of folding bikes for sustainable living in cities.  He came away very impressed by LIFT's design, ride quality, and versatility for life in these evolving times.

Mark goes on to conclude:

"With the continued push for higher density living in the downtown core… close to public transit, for many of us foldable bikes could become the most important household purchase we make moving forward. And Revelo Bikes no doubt is ready to help lead that two-wheel charge."

Read the full article in the Ottawa Citizen newspaper to learn more about Mark's experience with the LIFT and about how Revelo Founder Henry Chong was inspired to design the LIFT folding bike.

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