Easy Commuting from the Suburbs - Everyday is Bike to Work Day

electric folding bike Revelo FLEX designed in Canada great for multimodal commute

Easy Commuting from the Suburbs - Everyday is Bike to Work Day

Thanks to Jason for sharing his story of being the champion of his commute!  He documents how he saves over an hour a day by combining FLEX micro-mobility with public transit!  

The FLEX can seamlessly fit with other modes of travel for a fun, easy, multi-modal commute: ride to transit, take onto transit, disembark and ride to the destination. When folded, FLEX can be taken onto the transit system at any time!  

Here's Jason's personal account: 

My Commute

I commute from Newmarket (Yonge and Mulock) to The University of Toronto (Spadina and College) with my Revelo Flex. It cuts my commute time from approximately 2 to 1.5 hours.

Why I love my Revelo Flex

It solves my First and Last Mile Problem.

I don’t have to wait or find parking at the main Aurora GO parking lot. I can ride in from the Additional Parking Lot at Aurora Go. Not a popular lot because it is one kilometer away, but I have my Flex!

Saves time, money, and sanity from avoiding the TTC to UofT. I can get off on Bay St. if I bring my bike instead of crowding near Yonge St.

Documenting My Trip

Revelo Flex

TTC /  Bike Share

Δ Time (m)


Δ Time (m)



Yonge and Mulock













Aurora Go

Additional Parking Lot



Union Station

Bay St Entrance



University of Toronto

Spadina and College



Total Time (m)



Time Saved (m)




Yorkdale TTC

Occasionally I drive to Yorkdale and bring my Revelo Flex onto the TTC. I get off at Spadina or Dupont and ride down to UofT. Instead of walking to and waiting for the streetcar at Spadina Station.  

FLEX in My Car and Public Transit

Figure 1 At Aurora Go - Additional Parking Lot -  near Yonge and Wellington “Our Lady of Grace Church”

Commuting with Revelo FLEX on GO train

Figure 2 Where I usually sit

Commuting with Revelo FLEX folding ebike on GO train

Figure 3 My second spot - for the older Go Trains Cars

Figure 4 When the other spots are full. (1/2)

Micromobility urban multimodal commute with Revelo FLEX folding electric bike

Figure 5 When the other spots are full. (2/2)

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