The most practical bike/ebike storage solution

THINstem turns handlebar 90 degrees, store your ebike in the condo hallway without getting in the way.

E-bikes have become a popular vehicle for personal transportation.  With most people living in small spaces and with bike theft increasing in most cities, THINstem provides the perfect solution for storing your e-bike safely, and conveniently.

E-bikes are generally heavy vehicles that can exceed 60 lbs/25 kgs.  Some have built-in batteries which means the bike will need to be stored near the charging outlet.  As well, the trend of wider handlebars means bikes can take up 28 inches/70 cm of space (almost the width of your hallway).

Below are pictures shared by Patrick of Montreal on how he solved his Haibike storage problem with the Revelo THINstem in about 15 minutes.

His ebike used to block the hallway:

ebike blocking hallway in condo

Loosen any accessories and mounts on the handlebar to get ready to install THINstem:

Move mounts to one side to expose the bike stem:

Remove the bike stem:

Install the Revelo THINstem:

Revelo THINstem turns handlebar 90 degrees to store your ebike anywhere

Remount the handlebar and reposition the accessories and mount:

Rotate the handlebar 90 degrees to get the bike into THIN-mode, and reclaim your hallway:

Or just store your ebike anywhere that is convenient - for charging, for grab-and-go without having to go down to an underground garage:

Let Revelo THINstem reshape your ebike to fit your life!

THINstem has evolved over 10 years of engineering and use on Revelo's own folding bike designs.  It's been ISO tested and being loved around the world.  With THINstem, the storage solution is integrated with your bike, so you can take your bike anywhere and be confident that you can store your trusted travel companion safely indoors, and out of the way!

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THINstem ships express worldwide.



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