THINstem and SABS anti-lock brakes got me riding again!

THINstem and SABS anti-lock brakes got me riding again!

Rob from Toronto had kept his 20-year-old Trek mountain bike in the back of his garage and rarely took it out to ride until he improved the experience with THINstem, folding pedals, and SABS anti-lock brake pads.

"I used to ride my Trek all the time about 20 years ago, but our garage got so crowded that getting it in and out was a real hassle. I decided to upgrade the bike with THINstem, folding pedals, and SABS antilock brakes. Now the bike rides better than ever, and THINstem makes it easy to get my bike out and ride any time!"

Rob demonstrates how easy it is to go from THIN mode to riding mode in seconds. 

In this video, Rob gives us a demonstration of his SABS anti-lock brake pads which were installed on his suspension fork.  Notice how smoothly the bike stops when he squeezes hard on only the front brake.  The rear wheel doesn't lift at all and there is no fear of flipping over the handlebars!

"I used to brake mostly with my rear brakes because I didn't like the feeling of my suspension forks compressing which made the bike feel like it was diving forward when I used the front brakes. With SABS brake pads installed the brake dive is greatly reduced so I have been riding with mostly the front brake and get better control overall. It's a definite improvement in safety!" 

Trek RST fork with SABS Anti-lock brake pads for reduced brake dive and improved control

 THINstem makes storage and getting the bike in and out so much easier!Trek mountain bike with Revelo THINstem, folding pedals and SABS anti-lock brakes

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