Vintage Bike 21st Century Makeover!

Vintage Bike 21st Century Makeover!

Fritz wanted to convert his 30 year old Specialized Rockhopper mountain bike and make it more user-friendly as an everyday commuting and grocery shopping bike. The challenge was that the bike was very inconvenient to take out of his storage shed because it was usually buried behind lawn mowers, tools, and garbage cans, this made it virtually impossible to ride when needed. After upgrading the bike with THINstem, folding pedals, and SABS antilock brakes, the trusty Rockhopper became the ideal 21st century commuting bike because it was now more accessible, safer, and easier to protect from theft!

 THINstem has allowed Fritz to keep his bike in the hallway of his home and roll into stores without a fuss! It rarely gets locked outside and is easier to access when needed. To upgrade the bike, several parts were changed. The Rockhopper needed a new saddle and grips, as well as the parts seen below; SABS anti-lock brake pads, THINstem with a 1" quill adaptor, and alloy folding pedals. In addition, the rockhopper needed V brakes to improve stopping performance.

 Pictured below are the SABS anti-lock brake pads mounted on new V brakes

 Below are the alloy folding pedals 

 Voila! The 1989 Rockhopper is now a 21st-century high tech masterpiece ☺ Below; THINstem reduces the width of the Rockhopper from 62cm to 26cm!

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