LIFT vs Strida, an Owner's Story

LIFT vs Strida, an Owner's Story

In July, Doug from Burnaby B.C. ordered a customized 16" LIFT Pro with a 56 tooth chainring and riser bars to replace his Strida as his primary commuter. He was kind enough to share his thoughts on the two vehicles. Here is his story:

LIFT 16" Pro Customized Folding Bike


 I've been riding my Strida folding bike in Vancouver BC for a couple of years; bought my LIFT about 2 months ago and now the latter is my main bike. I also have a hybrid bike and road bike (both of which I will probably now sell).

Revelo LIFT 16" Pro In Vancouver

What I Like About My LIFT

Quite upright position (for me, with the riser bars; I'm ~5'11"). It’s very nimble. Feels like driving a sports car compared to driving an ordinary car. Easy to get on/off of.

Gearing overall is quite good for the city; low gear works on even the steepest hills I encounter. Seems to be easier than on my hybrid (21-speed Peugeot). It’s quite light, I can use one arm to carry it down the stairwell. Good-looking. I get quite a few comments about "nice bike".

What I Don’t Like About My LIFT

(Not a biggie) The highest gear could be higher. If you get the riser bars, the cables might not be as long as you need them to be. In theory, I could raise the handlebars another 2 cm, but even at their current height, if I turn the front wheel at, say, 90 degrees, quite often I need to wiggle the cables - the front brakes tighten up. Longer cables should prevent this, I believe. (Not a biggie) Tires are quite slick, so have to be fairly careful on patches of gravel or sand.

Where the LIFT has the Advantage Over Strida

More comfortable overall, more gears, more standard parts; bike shops are more familiar with the design/components used. You can put a suspension seatpost, if you want. (On the Strida, there's no traditional seatpost.) Seems to be mechanically more reliable (the reason I say "seems" is that I've had the LIFT only for a couple of months; the STRIDA - a couple of years; but so far no problems with the LIFT). It’s Lighter.


Revelo LIFT 16" Pro vs Strida Folding Bike

Where the Strida has the Advantage Over LIFT

Faster, easier folding (< 10 seconds; maybe even < 5). In theory, less maintenance (has an internal hub, and a kevlar belt - no chain or gears to oil/replace). That being said, I've had to replace my internal hub AND the belt (the latter not due to wear/overuse, but due to getting twisted - long story; I'm told that this problem should be less likely with the 18" wheels - before, I had the 16" wheels). Seems a bit easier to roll when folded than the LIFT (although wrist may tire easier - the Strida is heavier than the LIFT). It’s a bit more upright of a riding position than on the LIFT (but the LIFT is still comfy). The tires have more tread, so a bit better for riding through gravel or sand.

What I Don’t Like About My Strida

Reliability isn't the greatest, at least in my experience. It’s harder to get on it. 3 gears can be a bit challenging if you have steep hills. The 16-inch wheel model is better than the 18", but I had spokes break several times with the 16" wheels. (The spokes on the 16" wheels are quite short - < 13cm).


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Steve Burke
Steve Burke

March 26, 2024

I have the 20" model, and quite enjoy it for my rides. My only grievance is the lack of more gears – needed for steeper hills. but the nice thing is the gear set are Shimano clones, so any Shimano gear sets should fit (Shimano makes an 11 gear set with detailer and shifter).
I’ve also ordered an electric hub for the front wheel (Swytch systems) so I can e-bike if needed. this does increase carrying weight, but for my commute to the office, I can go directly without needing to take it on transit. Had I known about the e-bike version that Revelo has I probably would have moved towards that. But I do need the exercise so what I have is the win win situation. great bike all around.

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